MiniaTour - Interactive Model Railway Exhibition

A New World is Born

In Eastern Hungary, on the quiet settlement of Mezőzombor in the Tokaj Wine Region, a fantastic mini world has been created! The construction took almost two years, and the result is now enjoyable for every visitor.

Fairy-tale landscapes and lifelike locations meet on this impressive diorama.

Unprecedented Details

Lifelike Vegetation, Hand-Painted Figures, Precise Details.

During the creation process, more than two thousand bushes and a thousand trees were placed, each of them handmade. For painting some human figures, we used a microscope to work out the tiniest details. The smallest lighting LEDs used in the model cars are less than a millimeter in length, soldered onto hair-thin wires.

The soldering station and the accompanying technology used are from the precision automotive industry.

Interactive Scenes

Themodel layout is interactive, offering a completely new perspective to the exhibition, redefining the concept of model railroading.

Through the deployed push buttons and joysticks, visitors can intervene in the life of the miniature world.

The buttons are spaced adequately apart, ensuring easy access for everyone, even during peak hours.

They intentionally remain unlabeled, preserving the joy of exploration.

At the exhibition, there are more than 30 scenes, 40 push buttons, and two joysticks available. Here are some highlights:

- You can move a road roller,

- Work with a crane at a construction site,

- Turn on the concrete mixer,

- Rotate 99 solar panels,

- Water the guests sitting in the cellar,

- Start boats on the lake, or

- Control the colors of the lookout tower.


- Scale: 1:87

- Number of exhibited dioramas: 6 pieces.

- The length of the model layout is 18 meters, and its depth is 3 meters.

- The current area of the exhibition is 150 square meters.

- The total length of the railway track is 288 meters.

- There are a total of 20 train compositions circulating, alternating with each other.

- The model layout contains 100 buildings, 200 cars, 900 hand-painted figures, 1000 trees, and 2000 bushes.

Impressive Technology Behind the Scenes

The dynamics of the main lights are composed by a control unit borrowed from large-stage technology, which communicates wirelessly from the central room."

The lighting of the buildings, cars, and roads is switched and monitored by nearly thirty microcomputers. The number of integrated LEDs exceeds a thousand.

Two high-performance computers are responsible for the movement of the trains. For their supervision, there is a display wall consisting of fifteen monitors.

We warmly welcome you!

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