Appointment Booking

If you would like to book an appointment, you can do so by pressing the button below. Payment can be made online with a bank card, or on-site in cash or with a bank card.

Admission is free for children under the age of 3, so online booking is not required for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to make a reservation for the visit?

Visiting the exhibition is possible without a reservation, but in case of high attendance, we provide expedited entry for those with a scheduled time slot.

2. What happens if I arrive earlier or later than the scheduled time in the reservation?

Arrival can be influenced by various factors, which we try to handle flexibly. We ask our visitors to arrive at the booked time if possible.

3. How do I prove that I booked online or paid in advance?

During online booking, you need to provide your email address to which we send a confirmation of the reservation time. If you have paid in advance, the confirmation will include this information along with the invoice. Please present the email sent upon arrival.

4. Will the paid admission ticket(s) be refunded if we don't attend?

We cannot refund tickets purchased for a specific time slot, but they can be rescheduled for another time. In such cases, please email us.

5. How can I park if I arrive by car?

The street where the exhibition is located is significantly wider than usual, allowing for parking along the edge of the road in front of the building for multiple cars.

6. How far is the exhibition from the train station?

The exhibition is 900 meters away from the train station, which can be reached on foot in 12 minutes.